A Brand New Strasberg (.com)

For all of you who read the blog, comment (or don’t) and check back with me on a regular basis, the Method-ology blog now has a new home! This will be my last posting on this site. You can follow me there by clicking to www.strasberg.com where the blog is on the front page, or go directly to the blog by clicking here.

The update for Strasberg.com has added lots of new features, including vaults for new video and audio clips. While that is still being polished, there is some material there for you look through in its rough form. Click on the “Listen to Lee Strasberg” for some audio clips that you might find interesting. They are some initial pieces taken from my father’s classes that caught my interest. We will be organizing them further over time. There is also a Featured video section that we will be growing, but for now you can see what we have uploaded.

Go ahead and explore. I am eager to roll out more for you all to experience. I’ll see you over there.


David Lee Strasberg

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Golden Globe nomination for Christoph Waltz

Golden Globe nominations are out, and Strasberg alum Christoph Waltz has been nominated for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds! It is a well deserved recognition, and we’ll be pulling for him. He has already won for best actor at Cannes.

The film also was nominated for Best Picture, Best Screenplay (Tarantino), and Best Director (Tarantino).

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Interesting add on to the recent LA Times piece

I thought I would share this blog post by Charles McNulty, who wrote the LA Times article I posted recently.

Charles clearly love Estelle Parsons, featuring a picture of her in the article – and well he should. She is amazing in August: Osage County.

Still, I would rather talk about acing than about press, so over this next week I think we can talk a bit more about Stanislavsky. I get questions from actors all the time asking for clarification on Stanislavsky’s techniques, or to explain how we differ from him. It is probably time to delve into that area. Stay tuned!

-David Lee Strasberg

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Method Acting In The LA Times

I have gotten a lot of nice messages today from folks who read the Charles McNulty story on the cover f the Arts Section in the Sunday LA Times. They ran it with a huge half-page picture of my dad on the cover over the headline “SO METHODICAL,” and on the interior another full page with a picture of me and my mom in front of the school with the headline “TECHNIQUE STANDS THE TEST OF TIME.”  Thanks to those of you who sent me notes – double thanks to those of you who actually read past the headlines before sending me the note!

Lee Strasberg, photographed in L.A. in 1978, perfected the best-known American adaptation of the Stanislavsky "system" commonly grouped together as the Method. (Los Angeles Times)

It is an interesting experience to talk about our work. Of course as a journalist McNulty is interested in finding drama. News needs either “New” or “Conflict” so they have to search for one or the other to make the article interesting. That said, your best bet to understand our work is to study it, use it, live with it. We work better than we talk.

People like to talk about theories of acting. But we are not theoretical. My father said our work is not a theory because a theory is something which has not yet been proven. So far, no interview has ever been able to capture that element in our training. How do you explain or describe the change in your life when you gain knowledge of yourself? When you learn discipline? When you learn a new skill? These moments are not accomplished by sitting around talking. The sky does not open up, and the angels don’t sing (usually, at least).

The power of training as an actor – or as anything else for that matter – is the momentum of countless hours spent getting better. How do you capture the grandeur of THAT in a tape recorder?

You need human material to paint that picture…. Hmmmm… Maybe we need a Method movie. 😉

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Those who CAN DO, Teach!

Here is a nice little reel of clips from some of my dad’s films. This series includes material from The Godfather: Part II, of course, where he plays Jewish mobster Hyman Roth (inspired by real life mobster Meyer Lansky). It also has a scene from one of my favorite films Going In Style – a funny and warm movie with George Burns and Art Carney. he does some wonderful comic work in this one. It also has a scene from And Justice For All with Al Pacino. All in all, it is a great taste of my dad’s film work. Godfather II was his first film role, and he had been teaching, not acting, for decades. Pretty amazing.

Coming up, I want to share a few projects that we shothere in LA recently with our students. For those of you who can’t help yourself, you can jump to our Youtube channel and see them in advance of me posting them here.

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Michael Imperioli Talks at Strasberg

As promised, here is some of the footage of Michael Imperioli’s talk at Strasberg. Video hosting the entire talk proved less than practical, but here is his opening that I think is very enlightening. You get a strong sense of him and his personality as well as a feel for how much his time at Strasberg means to him. Those of you who have done our exercises may get particular enjoyment from him and his first reaction to the Relaxation exercise. More to come as we get the students’ questions and his answers uploaded. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Long Road to Success in LA for Strasberg Student, Christoph Waltz

The Hollywood Reporter is taking notice of Strasberg Alum Christoph Waltz. Waltz has already won the prize for Best Actor at Cannes, and he is a clear front-runner for an Oscar and a bunch of other hardware this aware season.

Christoph Waltz

Former Strasberg Student Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds

He has been acting for a long while and shares a pretty healthy perspective that’s routed in his own sense of owning a craft. It is a trait we hope all our students carry with them – a sense of something unique that they have to offer the Industry and the World.

Waltz has been acting for a long while. A German student, he studied with us back in the day and has suddenly found his career booming after his stunning performance in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. My favorite line is, “In Europe, everybody would say, ‘Well, they just want to squeeze you like a lemon.’ Well, yeah! But, you know, if I have the juice, why shouldn’t they?”

Ha! It’s all about having the juice!

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40 Years of Making Legends | NBC Los Angeles

Here is the KNBC piece that aired yesterday. I must say that I really enjoyed meeting and speaking with Cary Berglund. Not only was he friendly and engaging, but he made it very easy to work. You can tell when someone is a real professional, and Cary was very much in his element. All in all, I had a wonderful time shooting the piece.

Since embedding the video is harder than I thought, follow the link and let me know what you think.

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Michael Imperioli – WPIX

See if this video of Michael Imperioli works better.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Michael Imperioli – WPIX“, posted with vodpod


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Michael Imperioli returns to Strasberg

Former Strasberg student Michael Imperioli returned to Strasberg for an informal talk with our students in NYC. He was great – genuine and articulate. WPIX in NY did a segment on it. Michael also agreed to let us put the entire discussion on-line. I will give you all a link as soon as we put it up. For now enjoy this shorter piece.

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