A Brand New Strasberg (.com)

For all of you who read the blog, comment (or don’t) and check back with me on a regular basis, the Method-ology blog now has a new home! This will be my last posting on this site. You can follow me there by clicking to www.strasberg.com where the blog is on the front page, or go directly to the blog by clicking here.

The update for Strasberg.com has added lots of new features, including vaults for new video and audio clips. While that is still being polished, there is some material there for you look through in its rough form. Click on the “Listen to Lee Strasberg” for some audio clips that you might find interesting. They are some initial pieces taken from my father’s classes that caught my interest. We will be organizing them further over time. There is also a Featured video section that we will be growing, but for now you can see what we have uploaded.

Go ahead and explore. I am eager to roll out more for you all to experience. I’ll see you over there.


David Lee Strasberg

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